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Made in the USA - weight capacity of 375 lbs. per Dolly Tripod

Attention Vending Machine Operators:

Are you tired of taking off the door of your snack machine in order to get it through the doorway or even pulling the pins to the breakroom door? I’m sure you don’t look forward to the days you have to move a 5 wide Snack Machine into location!


 I can Help!

Snack Attack Vending LLC  is offering a new rare set of (4) heavy duty Dolly Caster Tripods made in the USA. Just put Dolly Tripods under each leg of snack machine using a pallet jack. Then, open snack door and Maneuver and angle through doorway (I have put a 5 wide AP through a 35" doorway - see photos). Depending on situation you either go snack door first or last. This is a slick way to move snack machines in or out of location without headaches. Especially, when you are dealing with a 600 - 800 lbs. vending machine.


These dolly tripods are also great for moving heavy machinery and furniture.


This design permits smooth easy movement in any direction assuring maximum maneuverability in even the most congested areas. These dolly tripods are a welcome addition to any maintenance or operating department in industrial, commercial, institutional or general office operations.


Each Dolly weighs 8.5 lbs. and has a weight capacity of 375 lbs. per Dolly.  


The Dolly construction of body is made of cast iron enriched with steel for strength and durability. The overall dimensions of Dolly is 8" x   9". The dolly stands on wheels 3" high and has 5/8" clearance from floor. Has 2" depth well and measures 5" wide.   


The Caster construction is semi-steel swivel casters with 2" diameter wheels.


The Wheel construction is hard solid rubber wheels.





Objective: 35" Width Doorway

Open snack door and maneuver and angle through doorway.

Hassle free way to move snack machines in or out of location.

Price: $235.00 (Set of 4 Dollies)  FREE 2-3 Day USA SHIPPING!






Snack Attack Vending LLC  is offering (3) Replacement Dolly Tripod Hard Tread Rubber Wheels W / Axle & Cotter Pin made in the USA. It's good to have some spare wheels on the job! 


Price: $19.99 FREE 2-5 Day USA SHIPPING!



Customer Testimonial

Hey Ryan this is Darren from Portland. I just got the caster dollies and they look great. Thanks for the extra fast shipping it saved the day for us because we got a big gig last minute for tomorrow that we wouldn't have been able to do without these little guys! Great service by you and your team.

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