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"Ryan Hershey of Snack Attack Vending has been responsive, professional and informative. The parts I ordered came very quickly and in perfect condition. Considering that the parts I was looking for were older model and incredibly hard to find, I was impressed with his ability to coordinate his sales with his manufacturer and get me a product that I've been searching for for 2 years. Not only did he get me what I've been looking for, but at a VERY reasonable price. I would recommend Snack Attack to anyone in the vending industry."
Thank you,
Heidi Branch


"Hi, I recently ordered some Vendstar 3000 doors from you and I was happy with the service and the product. You run your business like it is supposed to be ran. Most people I deal with in the vending business are lazy. It's nice to work with someone that actually works."

Eric Ross
Davis Caroline Vending & Distribution LLC


Your service is Awesome!

Hi Ryan!

Thank you for your friendly and efficient service.

I am very happy and so is my customer!

I will be happy to give you more business in the future, and glad to hear you may also have parts available for the Antares.

In the future, you can call me Patti, okay?

You’re a genius!!!!!!! The capacitor and relay came today and that was the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll take back out the two deep unit and put this back in. Remember when I asked told you that the new unit felt hot, I went in the next morning and the sodas were still warm, turns out the refrig line was keeping the fan on the condenser from turning!!! I freed up the fan and BAM it stated to cool down....lesson learned!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Ryan,
My name is Patty McDermott and I spoke with you last night about the vending machine that we were having problems with.
I just completed a transaction for 2 sets of the quarter blanks and pins on your website. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and bother to answer our questions. I expected to leave a message and maybe hear back with in a few days if I was lucky. We are a small volunteer fire company in Middlefield, CT. Right now we have about 42 members. We had recently purchased this used machine and thought we had made a huge mistake as we had so much trouble. After our conversation last night everything is working smoothly and we now have 42 happy firemen and women. I must add that all are very impressed with your customer service especially since we only bought pins and blanks from you.
Thank you so very much.
Patty McDermott - Steward, MVFC


Thank you so very much you have been very helpful and I cannot express my happiness enough. thanks a million


Hi Ryan,

Thanks so much for the speedy service. I received the stainless steel candy machine covers today. They work great. Hopefully the little tyrants won't be able to break these as easily as the plastic ones. Thanks again for the great service!!!
Christine M. Bello


Hey Ryan this is Darren from Portland. I just got the caster dollies and they look great. Thanks for the extra fast shipping it saved the day for us because we got a big gig last minute for tomorrow that we wouldn't have been able to do without these little guys! Great service by you and your team. Anywhere else I can leave a review?


Ryan, thank you for the fast service and the information that you provided to me about the parts that I needed. After numerous attempts to get information from the local vendors, I had to look elsewhere, due to lack of help. Your website was easy to navigate and very informative. If we need anything else in the future, know that we will go through your company first. I will also recommend your company to the other organizations that we associate with. Again, thank you for the help and great service

John Cunningham


From: Anita Mitchell

Phone: 949-463-55xx
I just recently placed and received an order and was very satisfied with your company. I will order from Snack Attack Vending again. I was wondering if you could help me with another part. The LED display is not functioning correctly on a LCM3 Snack Machine. The serial # is: LCM300161119. I need a replacement Control Board for a LCM3 with a MDB.


I wanted to let you know the bill acceptor was waiting at my door when I got home from work this evening. I installed it and it works great. Thanks again for all the help and the fast shipping. This will help me get this machine back online and making money. So glad I don't have to wait around for weeks for parts when I order from you.

On a side note, I now have a faulty bill acceptor. Do you rebuild them yourself, or send them out. If you do it, how much do you charge? I am thinking it might be nice to have one on hand if another goes down.

Thanks again,
Ken Barber
B Squared Vending


Hi Ryan,

My name is Taylor Schoen, and I am the owner of Longmont's A+ Vending Services in Longmont Colorado. I am E-mailing you today to thank you for the amazing product I received today from you. The Vendstar 3000 machine stickers. The packaging was great, and I wanted to thank you for placing them in a bag as the envelope got wet due to the rain! I will defiantly purchase from you again, as the experience was by far the best Ive ever had.
Thanks again!
Taylor R. Schoen
Head of Operations
Longmont's A+ Vending Service's